Stretch Wrapping Machine

Stretch Wrapping Machine Banners

  • At Cybernetik, we provide unique and totally customized packaging solutions to best suit the requirements of our customer. Every machine is designed with an ergonomic approach and consumes minimal floor space. Unlike traditional turntable concept that is designed to rotate the job, the stretch wrapping machine rotates only its carriage, without disturbing the job. By avoiding spinning of job, we ensure no damage is done even internally to the job. The robust construction ensures minimal maintenance even when run 24 X 7. It is a total inline packaging solution which requires no additional labor or equipment.
  • The machine has very flexible controls and can have multiple schedules with varying wrapping area, overlapping, stretching percentage and speed. A very unique Wi-Fi interface provides contact free communication with the machine, which allows transmission of production and maintenance data to remote Andons or PLCs. The machine has its own safety system, both in hard and soft. No other safety equipment is required. The carriage ring has circular bus bars, providing power to the film holding and tensioning unit. This eliminates twisting cables reducing breakdown and giving an aesthetic look. A pulse heater cuts the film in a flash after wrapping is done. Operator interface is done with an attractive, completely touch screen display that is user friendly and also provides diagnostic information and important alerts.
    • Features
    • Completely Inline
    • The geometry and position of the carton is unchanged
    • Requires minimal floor space
    • Customized to suit user’s roll size
    • Fast and tidy system l Quick reloading
    • Fast speed
    • Wi-Fi equipped
    • Safety integrated design
    • Reduces running cost
    • Smart operator interface
    • Multiple schedules for variants
    • Additional packages available for handling and packaging
    • Prompt after sales service and support
  • Additional Options
    • We can offer add-on automated systems to complement the wrapping machine such as
    • Upstream robotic palletizing systems
    • Network integrated barcode printing and reading
    • Conveyors
    • Robotic pick and place systems


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