Automation Group

Cybernetik Automation offers a wide range of equipment and systems for automation. The range includes range of conveyors (up to 150 m long) for assembly lines, overhead chain conveyors, overhead electric monorails, Weld line + Robotics, Press Robotics, Paint shop Automations, Assembly line Automation etc. All these equipment are designed, built and proven on our shop floor.

Cybernetik Automation has proven capabilities in handling automation, pneumatics, servo systems, robotics and supervisory controls. Our experts can integrate complex systems involving wireless controls, robotics, RFID and tracking.

CTP conducts business in the automotive, aerospace, food handling, packaging and robotic automation sectors and has installations in India, South-East Asia, Middle East (including Israel), Europe and U.S.A.

Please navigate through the vertical tabs on the left to find equipment catering to your specific requirements. We also manufacture specialized unique systems totally customized as per customer requirements. For any such requirements, please write to us at [email protected] with a brief description of your requirement and/or RFQ and we will get back to you.